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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Springtime Leg of 'Moving a Nation to Care' Tour Ends, Summer Leg Kicks off Thursday in Seattle

meagher_denver_2007-091Well, hello to summer.

Lots to pass along of my adventures on the road these past two months. What a truly treasured time. Have had the expected bumps (and some unexpected bruises) along the way, but the most breathtaking discussions with the most extraordinary audiences out there make any complaint pale in comparison.

I've posted pictures of my recent stops in Boulder and Denver below and mixed in a few recollections from my June wanderings and ramblings. More pics over at Flickr and Facebook.

Click on 'Article Link' below tags for Colorado pics...

My Colorado stops were greatly anticipated all spring long.

Not only did I have a number of new colleagues I was looking forward to meeting for the first time, Elizabeth Hawkins and Stephen Robinson of ONE Freedom chief among them, I'd also been anxious to get an overnight visit in with old friends, too. As anyone on the road can tell you, the more people looking out for you the better, and I was surely in good hands on this trip.

I joined my friend Mike (a former co-worker from American Airlines days, photographer and presently an LPN) on his daily rounds tending to the needs of his clients. That's Manuel and me mugging for the camera. Below us are a number of shots from my Boulder Book Store signing later that evening. The man in the purple shirt was a kind-hearted Vietnam veteran who'd taken a bus in for the event; he handed me a folder filled with articles on PTSD and a personal note listing his own long journey home from the battlefields of his youth.

Following a successful community gathering and discussion at Boulder Book Store (oh, that beautiful book-signing table...), the local Drinking Liberally crew took us out for a night cap (WeatherDem's recap).

Before the next evening's signing at Denver's Tattered Cover Bookstore, I sat (not very still) for an quick photo shoot. The turnout was smaller than at Boulder the night before, but I was pretty moved by the number of personal stories told by the many military families in the audience. Everywhere I go, receptionists and bookstore event coordinators and members of the audience have reached out to tell of their concerns and experiences.

It's a pretty powerful thing.

Thanks again to everyone, including Drinking Liberally Denver, for showing us such a good time in Colorado.

An invitation for those out in the Seattle area:

Join me this Thursday@University Bookstore, 7 pm.

Oh, we are going to have a great gathering. In addition to my short presentation, we'll be convening quite a group of hard-working hearts out in the Seattle area.

  • Dean and Dudley Evenson will be my special guests. Owners of soundings of the planet in Bellingham, their most recent 'peace through relaxation' DVDs and booklets are being used at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Visit soundings' Partners in Healing page for more.
In addition, my incredible sponsors, Soldier's Heart-Seattle, have invited these guests for an informal panel:

  • Gordon (Gordy) Graham, a Vietnam veteran with PTSD who runs a state program to get veterans involved in environmental projects;
  • John Roth, a wounded Iraq vet currently writing a book about his experiences;
  • Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas, a member of the Soldier’s Heart Seattle steering committee who recently attended one of Dr. Edward Tick’s retreats for veterans with PTSD and their caregivers (upcoming events).

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