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Saturday, March 04, 2006

University of Illinois Supports Its Veterans with Free MBA's

[UPDATE December 2, 2007]:

This post has been one of the most contentious on PTSD Combat, and I'm planning (as soon as time can be found) to do a follow-up on the controversy that has erupted re: the program outlined below. For the time being, I have green-lighted every comment, no matter how severe, in the interest of having a forum to air grievances.

I ask that commentors please steer clear from libelous, personal attacks against any of the individuals who may or may not be involved in one way or another. After doing my update, I will return to comments and delete those that are found to be inappropriate.

Well, the fine state of Illinois has just upped the stakes in the 'Best Freebies for Veterans' category. They join Washington State; the towns of Cloquet, Minnesota and Oakridge, Tennessee; and a whole slew of local media outlets who are walking the walk when it comes to talking about, advocating, and supporting our troops. While GI Bill delays are hampering timely veteran tuition payments, the state of Illinios and the University of Illinois have decided to cut out the middle-man for 110 lucky resident veterans.

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The incredible news was released yesterday:

The College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has partnered with the State of Illinois to award up to 110 new academic scholarships for Illinois-based military veterans and active-duty military personnel. The scholarships offer veterans an unprecedented opportunity to receive free tuition while earning an MBA degree from one of the top universities in the US.

By combining the University's Military Scholarship Program with the Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG), the program offers qualified and eligible applicants an opportunity to earn an MBA tuition-free through the College's 20-month Executive MBA Program located at the Illini Center in downtown Chicago or the MBA Programs offered in Urbana-Champaign. ...

"This is a unique opportunity for the citizens of Illinois and our university to honor our men and women in uniform," said van der Hooning. The University wants to help soldiers and veterans put their career on a fast track without the burden of student loans. I recently met with a returning group of marines from the 2/24th Battalion who fought on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. The enemy named them the Mad Ghosts for their fighting prowess and bravery. The experience was overwhelming. At that moment, I realized that saying 'thank you' was not enough. We had to do something tangible and significant, and this program is a step in the right direction." ...

This program builds upon a partial financial scholarship that was first offered to Illinois veterans by UIUC in 2005, and was expanded to cover full tuition based on the demand. "The men and women of our military are the best trained in the world. They can now combine that training with the knowledge that they will receive from this program," said Lt. Governor Pat Quinn. "I would like to salute the University of Illinois College of Business for introducing this program that will make these brave Service members the best in the nation."

Resources and Info to Get You Started:
Or call van der Hooning at 312-575-7905 for more information.

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