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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Raising Awareness Through Music: "PTSD Spells MIA" by Wes and Victoria

A new song just released by American folk artists Wes and Victoria hopes to raise awareness of and increase action around the issue of combat PTSD in our returning veterans. As Victoria gently plays her harmonica, Wes strums a guitar and sings:

No one understands- I can't sleep at night
When I close my eyes, I see firefights
I can't drink enough- to kill these memories
I can't stop this brain- no matter what I do to me

This PTSD, spell it MIA
Well I Made it back, not back all the way
Living in this world, out of uniform
Someone changed the rules
Man my soul got torn

The song on YouTube, and more below the fold.

In educational interest, article(s) quoted from extensively.

The artists explain their intention (full lyrics, higher resolution videos and mp3 versions of "PTSD Spells MIA" also at link):

We know times are difficult, that it is not easy to put food on the table, fuel in the car, or take care of your own needs and that of your family these days. We are not asking for anything of you other than what you may find in your heart to give in the form of an email to your elected officials, a prayer if you are so inclined, and possibly a "thank you" spoken to a service man or woman who you might encounter during your day. ...

We feel that there are sufficient resources in America to handle this problem. If there are tools for training for war, there are assuredly tools for training to come home. We feel it is time that we raise our voice, regardless of any political affiliation or agenda, to let our government know that we hold them accountable for the reforms necessary to help our troops make it all the way home, and not be Missing In Action inside their own lives. We must speak, and let our will be known. Silence is an unacceptable response to this crisis. ...

We have met men and women who work in the VA hospitals and wards. The majority are devoted people, who feel strongly about helping those under their care. The system they are dealing with is desperately in need of reform, so these Caregivers may see those in need sooner, offer more help and hope than medications alone, and create an atmosphere of long term care and support for these afflicted veterans. There are solutions available, and we cannot allow a broken system to prevent those solutions from reaching those in need. There are hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into this system, let us push to get it fixed.

Someday, we pray, the world will evolve to such a state that War is no longer seen as a means to resolving problems. In the interim, with Peace as our goal, we must accept the reality of the current day, work to change it, and provide Love and Support for those brave people who have been willing to sacrifice so much, including the sanctity of their own minds, to preserve for us the opportunity to create change.



Beautiful sentiments to go with their beautiful music.

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