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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Band Together: IAVA, Drowning Pool and 25,000+ Support the Lane Evans Bill

The largest Iraq and Afghanistan vets' group in the country, IAVA, has been busy working to get returning troops the benefits they've earned and the respect they deserve. [To learn more about their work, read a recent Pioneer Press feature.]

Recently, they teamed with Drowning Pool to collect signatures for a petition in support of the Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act of 2007.

Last week, they delivered that 25,000+ strong petition to members on Capitol Hill. But, it's not too late to join with them and add your own name to the list. Simply click on the flash icon to your right to go to the This Is For the Soldiers website.

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From IAVA:

Drowning Pool is a longtime supporter of the troops.

The band's current single "Soldiers" pays homage to our Armed Forces and their current "This Is For The Soldiers Tour" [dates] donates fifty cents of every ticket sold to IAVA and fifty cents to the USO, while encouraging young fans to support the cause.

The band is a favorite of U.S. servicemembers, and has performed USO tours in Iraq, Kuwait and South Korea. Drowning Pool's lead vocalist Ryan McCombs said "It's an honor and a privilege to work on something as important as this legislation."

The Lane Evans Bill would help troops and veterans get mental health care in the following ways:

* Require in-person mental health screening for returning combat veterans
* Extend the window of eligibility for mental health treatment from two to five years
* Establish a registry to monitor the health of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and track their benefits use
* Improve the transfer of military records from the Department of Defense to the Department of Veterans Affairs

A few words by Drowning Pool via KNAC:

Drowning Pool released Full Circle on August 7th on Eleven Seven Music. KNAC.COM Correspondent Deb Rao spoke to Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce in Cambridge. When asked how the tour was going, Pierce said:

“The tour is going great. It doesn't matter whether we are playing to 50 people or 10,000 people. Every day is different; today is a Monday so the crowd is different from a Friday or Saturday night. What matters are the fans and the people who come to see us that are fighting for our country?

I recently played for our troops over in Iraq, and there wasn't a greater feeling in the world to give to the men and women the gift of metal. We played for two hours, and the troops were so happy to hear the music. They have our song, "Bodies" being played in the training camps. I have seen the condition some of the men and women are in, when they return home and while performing in Iraq. Drowning Pool is donating a dollar from every ticket sale to the Veterans, so they can get a prosthetic leg. Stevie, our bass player's father is a Veteran.

I am 35 years old, and I can't say I have seen it all. But I have seen a lot. I have seen what the Soldiers are going through. This tour is to give the Veterans better health care, when they return home. This is not a political campaign or tour. It is for our troops. Drowning Pool visited Capital Hill last week. We got 25,000 signatures in support of the Lane Evans Bill. We met with Hilary Clinton and Obama.

I live in Texas, and I am originally from New Orleans. The best part about being on tour is going home and performing to your hometown fans. This tour is all about family and our Brothers and Sisters, and our Troops, who deserve to have better healthcare when they return home. Drowning Pool will be visiting the Troops Overseas in January. We don't know yet what bases, but I will keep you informed. Thank you for all of your support.”

Drowning Pool's "Soldiers" video includes footage from their last Iraq and Kuwait tour:

While their musical style may not be for everybody, their heart sure is in the right place. Rock on, Drowning Pool and IAVA!

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